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10 New aetuts + Tutorials

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10 New aetuts + Tutorials

Mesaj  poyraz15 Bir Ptsi 26 Ekim 2009, 23:29

1. Map Your Destination in AE
Oct 14th in Motion Graphics by Jorrit Schulte
If you're planning a trip and need to set up a visual location overview, you're in luck! If you pretty much never even leave your room accept for class, work, and meals, you're still in luck! With some expressions, good technique, and a little treasure hunting instinct, Jorrit Schulte guides us through the process of this animation journey.

2. Making Your Color Scheme a Whole Lot Kuler!
Oct 5th in Workflow by Mathias Mohl
Adobe Kuler is a great resource for color themes that is perfectly integrated in all Adobe CS4 software - except for After Effects. But this has changed now. In this tutorial, Mathias Möhl shows how you can use his brand-new ****** "Chameleon - The Adobe Kuler Color Theme Browser" to work with Kuler color themes in After Effects. Apply a new color theme with just one click and all colors of your composition update automatically.

3. Living in Toytown
Sep 30th in VFX by Richard Bird
Until recently this effect has been created in-camera using specialized lenses. In this tutorial, Richard Bird gives an overview of how the "Dollhouse Effect" can be quickly recreated in post-production without the use of 3rd party plug-ins by remapping the depth of field, use of simple colour correction and altering the frame rate.

4. Form a Unique Transition
Sep 28th in Motion Graphics by Stefan Surmabojov
In this tutorial we are going to reveal how to create a cool particle transition between 2 videos using Trapcode Form. We will cover the importance of layer maps while using this plugin as well as how to create a stylish displacement of the particles.

5. Terminate Your Footage With Expressions – Day 1,2,3
Sep 21st in VFX by Ben McEwan
If you’re wanting to help to save Sarah Connor then maybe this tutorial will give you an insider’s perspective on what to do. Ben McEwan has created a 3 Day Series crammed full of useful expressions to create the UI found in the Terminator. He’ll skim over some of the basics of shape layers, as well as touch on some more advanced stuff like displacement mapping.

6. The Best Sound You’ll Ever See!
Sep 16th in Motion Graphics by Satya Meka
Satya is back with a new tutorial that will help you look as good as you sound. This technique has many options so sit back and learn how to create an attractive visual generated from your audio spectrum.

7. 3D Paper Crumple with Freeform AE
Sep 14th in VFX by Rob Birnholz
Next time you get a frustrating assignment that you didn't ask for, don't crumple it up and throw it at your boss's face. Now you can easily call it quits within After Effects! Rob uses the example of creating a paper crumple transition to show off the Digieffects plugin Freeform AE. Who knows... this tutorial might just save your job.

8. How to Make Paper People
Sep 10th in Motion Graphics by Brandon Ray
Stop-motion animation using paper cut-outs can take quite a bit of time to produce... unless you use The Paper People effect! This technique gives you similar results in a fraction of the time. With the use of a current version of AE, you'll use the wiggle expression, hold keyframes, and the puppet tool to emulate the classic look of a beloved form of traditional animation.

9. How to Create a Glitchy Interface Animation
Aug 26th in Motion Graphics by Anthony Errisuriz
This tutorial will teach you how to recreate a stylized Glitch Interface Animation that resembles a high tech control system, with an analog monitor startup. Anthony Errisuriz provides his step by step process for creating this amazing effect with design from Illustrator and animating in After Effects.

10. Create Mac OSX Intro Video with C4D – Day 1,2
Aug 20th in Motion Graphics by Satya Meka
As the penultimate nugget of goodness in our Mac Lover’s Week, Satya created a 2 day tutorial that everybody will enjoy! In day 1, he will walk us through Cinema 4D and how to create the 3d.


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Geri: 10 New aetuts + Tutorials

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Geri: 10 New aetuts + Tutorials

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